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  • What does Dojo mean?
    A Dojo, in martial arts, is a place for learning and developing. At The Wellness Dojo, we are inspired to help you learn and develop the real life skills necessary for living the happiest and healthiest life possible! Through workshops, personal services, and coaching services and products, we provide the community and space needed to develop those tools and skills! See more about our services here.
  • Do you have a physical location where you provide services?
    The Wellness Dojo is proud to provide the most convenient services using mobile and virtual wellness services. This includes Massage therapy and acupuncture that come to you without ever leaving your home! Many of our virtual services like wellness coaching and Naturopathic Medicine sessions can be arranged in-person if preferred, using mobile, meeting at a neutral location or welcoming you to the home based office.
  • Is a Naturopath a real doctor?
    The Government of Alberta formally recognizes naturopaths as "Doctors". This is due to the level of education required to become a licensed naturopath in Alberta; typically 8 years of University/College. It is a regulated profession with a high degree of accountability to the public and are subject to the same regulations as pharmacists, chiropractors, and dentists. The difference: Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are not medical doctors (MDs). Our philosophies and our approaches to treating patients vary considerably. NDs do not prescribe pharmaceuticals, nor do we perform surgery. We focus on proactive health and offer natural solutions for your health concerns.
  • Is Naturopathic Medicine free?
    Naturopathic care is not tax-funded and is considered private health care. Most corporate benefit plans cover $300-$500 per year and lab tests/supplements are often covered under company Health Spending Accounts (HSA). Otherwise, many patients choose to pay for naturopathic services because they see the tremendous value that is gained from regularly seeing a naturopath.
  • Can Naturopathic Doctors treat mental health?
    Yes. Licensed Naturopathic Doctors are well trained in a variety of established counselling techniques and are permitted to provide counseling under their scope-of-practice. Further, their length of education supersedes many of the professions people commonly associate with mental health. NDs are trained to provide a uniquely beneficial approach to mental health with an understanding that physical and mental health are both intimately connected, creating a holistic approach to mental health issues.
  • How can I get supplements and lab testing completed with a virtual Naturopath?
    Supplements: Dr. Riley has partnered with an online dispensary called FullScript that carries high-quality supplement brands. Prescriptions are sent via email and patients can enjoy the convenience of having their supplements shipped to their home. Lab Tests: Requisitions can be emailed to your inbox and in-home lab test kits (if required) can also be delivered to your residence.
  • What lab testing can be provided through Naturopathic Medicine?
    Listed below are just some of the most common tests our ND will run: -Health Check-Ups and General Wellness tests - serum (blood) -Hormonal tests (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Cortisol) - serum (blood)/salivary -Digestion, Inflammation, Microbiome, and Food Sensitivity tests - serum (blood)/stool -Thyroid tests - serum (blood) -Vitamin D tests - Serum (blood) -Metabolism and Nutritional Evaluation - Serum (blood), urinary Price range is typically from around $99 to $399. Some tests cost more, some less.
  • What is a Registered Massage Therapist?
    A Registered Massage Therapist or "RMT" is a massage therapist who is registered with a reputable association that adheres to strict policies and procedures within the industry in order to ensure their members are practicing safely and effectively. Using a Registered Massage Therapist makes it possible for you to claim their services with your insurance/benefits provider.
  • What is mobile massage?
    We provide convenient mobile massage therapy treatments. Our RMT's will bring their treatment table, linens, and other necessary treatment supplies to your home and provide your treatment in the comfort of your own space. Mobile massage is a great way to have a stress free treatment and has been extremely popular for families looking to book multiple treatments back to back!
  • How do I book a mobile massage?
    All of our massage services can be booked easily and conveniently online. Simply go to our booking page here and follow the prompts for booking your treatment today! If you do not see a time that works for you, reach out to us and we will see if there is a way to accommodate you.
  • Is the massage supposed to be painful?
    Our massage therapists take pride in providing the treatment that is best for you, the client. Each massage treatment will be uniquely suited to the individual. The massage therapist is trained to adjust their treatment to how you and your body are responding. Some massage treatments required more pressure than others, however communication during the treatment will be the best measure of how your massage therapist adjusts their pressure throughout the treatment. See a short video about this here: How Deep Should a Massage Be?
  • What style of martial arts do you teach?
    Sifu Kyle Craik teaches primarily Kung Fu. The style of Kung Fu is called My Jong Law Horn Kung Fu and was brought to Canada by Grand Master Alex Kwok. Grand Master Kwok taught this style in various Canadian cities and one of his students, Grand Master Jesse Kung, opened an academy in Calgary Alberta, where he tuaght Sifu Kyle, who he eventually passed his academy onto, which is now Cutting Edge Kung Fu. Sifu Kyle's teaching focuses on competition style fighting and forms but also goes beyond the martial art preparing students with various skills such as self confidence, respect, discipline and other important life skills.
  • What is the age limit for Martial Arts?
    There is no age limit as martial arts are for everyone. We have students from 4 years old to 70 years old. We believe in creating an environment that is inclusive and available for all ages and levels of martial arts. Our Little Ninjas classes are great for our youngest and most beginner level students. We also have an adults only class and a mixed class.
  • Do I have to fight if I do Martial Arts?
    While we would never force anyone to do anything, we encourage our students to take part in all aspects of the sport. Our classes typically include time for individual technique practice, as well as working with partners in order to practice proper application. Everything we practice has a strong emphasis on controlled techniques and minimal contact as we are training for competition style fighting and forms. For specific questions on what are sparring entails, please reach out to Kyle.
  • What type of coaching do you provide?
    The short answer is wellness coaching. With a wide range of experience helping clients in fitness and nutrition, it is apparent that no goal is one sided. Whether you are looking to hire a coach to lose weight or looking for accountability with other life goals, the daily habits required to create the changes you want often interact in a holistic way. The Wellness Dojo approaches it's coaching services (along with all other services) with a holistic approach aimed at creating real change that lasts!
  • Are there affordable coaching options?
    Coaching is an extremely valuable tool for anyone to utilize. With that value does come an investment. We believe that everyone who is driven to create positive change in their life should feel like they have the opportunity to do so with support. This is why The Wellness Dojo provides various coaching options including individualized coaching in a 1:1 format, group coaching, as well as our Wellness Membership that provides online tools including exercise demos, weekly lessons, habit tracking as well as access to a monthly Power Hour where you learn about specific topics that are essential to your wellness. Learn more about the membership here.
  • Do you provide any free resources?
    Absolutely! The Wellness Dojo has a number of free resources to help you get started on various areas of your wellness including goal setting, using a journal, and more! See our free resources here. Also, check out The Wellness Dojo Podcast!
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