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Get Unstuck: Your Journey to Rediscovery

Have you ever felt a little lost on your path, uncertain of your purpose? Life has a way of throwing us off course, and societal pressures can make us feel like we should have it all figured out by now. But here's the truth: your journey is uniquely yours, and it's about the adventure, not just the destination.

Cliché, I know. But, also so very true and powerful. As a person who takes pride in many of life’s roles; dedicated father, martial arts instructor, friend, athlete, entrepreneur, athlete, podcast host, and life coach, just to name a few… I've been down this road myself. I know how it feels to be stuck, to wonder if there's something more you should be doing, feeling pulled in multiple directions and to question whether you're reaching your full potential. It's a part of the human experience, and I want you to know that you're not alone in this. I am also excited to share with you that you don’t have to stay stuck or lost in your experience. While I have struggled at times to truly understand my life’s meaning, there are some foundational structures and principles that I have consistently been able to lean back into in order to help me re-discover myself and find my direction.

So, what's the way out of this seemingly endless labyrinth? It begins with a blend of self-reflection, discipline, and, importantly, community. These are the tools that can also help you navigate the twists and turns, find your true path, and rediscover yourself. Before we dive into these important pillars of self-rediscovery, let’s explore what it means to rediscover yourself.

As we navigate through the different areas of life, we are so often weighed down by the crippling question; Who am I? I have gone back and forth and back and forth again and again asking myself who am I? What is my purpose for being here? At times this question has felt light and inspiring and at other times it has left me feeling heavy, lost, and dark. What I have learned, is rediscovery is an ongoing process. It is not about figuring it out or landing on the right answer. The beauty is actually in the questions, not the answers. The discomfort of the unknown propels us into growth – if we do the work. Re-discovery, re-invention, rejuvenation is all possible if we continue to do the work of understanding ourselves deeper. Understanding ourselves is about questioning our motives and our flaws. It is recognizing our strengths and weaknesses and getting curious about what we want to achieve. I’ve learned to questions everything and accept the answers. This is a daunting fleet on our own, which is why one of the most important pillars to my own personal journey has always been community.

Community: Finding Strength in Numbers

Seek out a supportive community, like-minded individuals who share your vision, struggles, and aspirations. The support, wisdom, and camaraderie you find within your tribe can provide the fuel you need to drive change. Community, I’ll admit, is a bit of a buzzword right now. We talk about community like it’s this easy thing to insert ourselves into. I’m not going to patronize you, it’s anything but easy putting yourself out there to join a new community. I suggest you find the right setting for yourself. Find opportunities where the stage is set for openness and non-judgmental. Networking events can be challenging for many reasons, but personally I find there is a pressure that comes along with “networking”. There is a lot of posturing that can take place. I suggest finding opportunities for connecting with people where there is no agenda attached to the meeting. You can be a little selfish about where you insert yourself and where you remove yourself too. Focus on the feeling you get around people. Do they make you feel inspired? Do they make you feel inferior? Are they listening to you? Supporting your growth? Lastly, have you given yourself the chance to truly connect with these people? When we can pay attention to the important aspects of what a community offers us, we can really start to benefit from them. This is where the people in your circles can become a major asset to your personal growth. Feeling the right support from your community may just be the inspiration that you need to take the time to yourself, bringing us to another important pillar to personal growth; Self-Reflection.

Self-Reflection: The Inner Compass

Self-reflection is your personal compass. Take the time to understand your passions, strengths, and weaknesses. It's in self-reflection that you discover the path that truly resonates with your heart. The most important advice I can provide with Self-reflection is to be patient. I’ve often found myself frustrated that I am not getting the answers that I am looking for. Also, self-reflection does not need to be a Kumbaya meditation session. This type of reflection is work, no doubt about it. I personally struggle to reflect without help. I need coaches and personal mentors to prompt my critical thinking. I rely on books and workshops to get my mind questioning my dreams, motives, strengths and weaknesses. Do not get stuck feeling like you need to be doing this work alone. The work is about you and your growth, but you can rely on the community around you in order to get the most from your personal growth. The difference maker for those who create real life changes through their self-reflective practices is consistency. This is not a one-time awaking experience that changes life immediately. It’s consistent practice of questioning, adapting, experiencing, struggle, and learning that takes a level of discipline to push through.

Discipline: The Engine of Progress

Discipline is what powers you forward. It's the daily commitment to improving yourself, even when motivation wanes. Discipline is the key to consistency, and consistency is the path to transformation. I want to change the narrative around discipline though. It can seem like a daunting task to stay disciplined because we think it means we have to look a specific way. When you think about discipline you often picture grueling days of work, blood, sweat, and tears. Discipline is the act of showing up. It’s about the refusal to give up – even when you didn’t show up perfectly yesterday. It is about starting over again and finding a way to make things happen. It’s about taking that next step, even when you feel like you’re stuck on the hamster wheel. Discipline starts in the mind as an idea and grows from the first movement towards that thing. It keeps that ball moving forward.

Every setback is just a setup for an even greater comeback. You have the power to thrive, to evolve, and to break free from feeling stuck into the best version of you yet. Embrace the journey, ponder your struggles, and use them as stepping stones to your greatest achievements.

Your Opportunity: New Year Ninja Retreat

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