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Empowering Better Lives

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Why Wellness Dojo?

About The Wellness Dojo

How do you get healthy? That's a loaded question! The Wellness Dojo is a community that understands the difficulties of creating a healthier lifestyle. While we understand that your journey is truly unique, our wellness experts understand what it takes for you to achieve your biggest goals.

Our goal is to empower you to feel confident in finding the joy in your daily activities again and create a more pain free lifestyle.

Fitness and nutrition services are available using virtual or in person coaching and we offer mobile massage therapy across the city of Calgary.

A Dojo, in martial arts, is a place where you come to learn, grow, and develop - ultimately leaving with a new found confidence. The Wellness Dojo brings those same principles to your wellness. With a community of support, education, and accountability, you will walk away empowered to live the life you want to be living!

See more about our unique Wellness Dojo Membership or view our individual services available with convenient online booking.


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Local and Online:

Calgary, Alberta, Canada



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